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Land of Shark (page 2) Coming soon.

2013-09-18 14:10:13 by JJCripps1996

Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that the next page of my 'comic' is coming soon, not that big news..I just wanted to make a post is all

also I want to clarify that I am 17, not 12, as some have assumed :D

also if you're in town, could you pick up some milk? I've ran out is all, and I desperately need a cup of tea

thanks bye!

Land of Shark (page 2) Coming soon.


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2013-09-18 16:41:56

awesome! and i'm having nightmares tonight :D


2013-09-23 13:03:32

Of course you are not 12, you are 12 and a half!!! XD, it is different!

JJCripps1996 responds:

You win this time!! :D


2013-09-24 22:10:01

Haha! i won! don't you worry in half a year you will be 13, and then they will realize that in 4 years all this will make sense!

(Updated ) JJCripps1996 responds:

Indeed, so technically, I could be any age, for instance, in 7 and a half years I would be 20, so technically I am also 20
but truth be told I don't really have an age, I'm more of a floating entity made of fudge, madness, and catchphrases than anything else.


2013-09-27 03:02:24

So... you are kinda under-aged? this may not be the place for such a young kid, with all the porn and stuff here on the internet...

JJCripps1996 responds:

I am 17
My Birthday's on 22nd of July, 1996.
I may draw like a 12 year old, but that doesn't mean I am one. :D


2013-09-27 21:18:11

I know man im joking, but since you just lost again you are officially internet age 12 now.

JJCripps1996 responds:

GOD DAMN IT! And yeah, I'm used to losing so ho-hum :D